How to Find Beauty in Life — The Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, we can find our daily routines comforting and safe.  Sometimes, though, we can get frustrated with the same-old-same-old and wonder what we might be missing.  If we can learn to stop and really notice the world around us, we can find that there really is beauty in just about everything.


Keep your heart and mind open

Too often, we let our first impressions lead to rush judgements.  Usually, these judgements are based on nothing more than our own perception of “normal.”  We tend to react negatively to things that seem to challenge our status quo.  Does this really make sense when part of our frustration stems from the fact that we view our own lives as too mundane?  Additionally, a negative reaction to anything is a sure way to darken our mood.  The next time you find yourself leaning toward negatively judging a person or situation based only on its proverbial cover, stop and ask yourself if your reaction is really warranted.  More often than not, you’ll find that you could be missing an opportunity to experience a positive shift away from your definition of normal.  By acknowledging that the world is bigger and more diverse than our individual lives can be a step toward finding the beauty around us.  Not only can we learn to understand that different people have different ideas and tastes, but we can also begin to understand the real importance of having different viewpoints and philosophies in our lives.  A respectful exchange of ideas is the only way to expand our own little universe and even make a difference in the world at large.


Look around

Really look around.  We get so used to our routines that we can become blind and deaf to what’s really going on around us or to ways to create positive change in our lives.  Paying closer attention to the world around us can make it easier to see beyond the facades.  Instead of seeing a construction site as a noisy eyesore, think about the new home being built or a better roadway that can handle more traffic.  A new home represents a dream come true for many.  Bigger roads can mean the area is growing and prospering.  What seems to you like a nuisance could represent a new chapter or meaningful employment for someone else.


When you see a building coming down or destroyed by fire, consider that someone else may be having to start over and would give anything to have your version of a “normal” day again.  Remember that even boring can be beautiful when you consider some of the possible alternatives.


If you find yourself relying on gadgets to kill time, put them away now and then and just see what’s around you.  You’re bound to see sights that remind you to be thankful for what you have and sights that inspire you to do more with your own life.


Live in the moment

While it’s not feasible for most of us to quit our jobs, sell our stuff, and go on a lifelong walkabout tour of the world, we can all spend a little more time paying attention to the moments that make up our lives and the world around us.  If your regular old routine has gotten boring, consider how much of that routine is self imposed.  Instead of taking your breaks by the company water cooler, go outside for a few minutes and breathe in some fresh air.  Instead of spending down time on your phone checking in with other people whose routines are as mundane as yours, look around at the people actually around you.  If you think there’s nothing worth noting or celebrating in your everyday routine, try letting more of the rest of the world into your routine by remembering that the world is way bigger and way more beautiful than most of will ever truly understand.