Even the Best Toilets Have Beauty — Taylor Reviews the Top Rated Models of the Year

Let’s face it–most of us don’t think of toilets as something pretty to anchor the look of the bathroom.  They’re not glamorous accent pieces that draw the attention of our guests–at least not from an aesthetic standpoint.  In fact, most of us are content to have a toilet that serves its purpose well without being an eyesore.  If you’re planning on redoing a bathroom, you might be thinking that the commode is barely worth a second thought.  In fact, though, many of today’s toilets have not only upped the game in terms of functionality, but also make us more likely to consider their form, too.  

Before shopping for your new toilet, it’s important to get accurate measurements of the space it will occupy.  Be sure to include the distance from the back wall and any side walls to the drain opening in the floor.  Not being certain a new toilet will fit until you get it home (those things aren’t very light and are usually bulky enough to be hard to handle) is a great way to send your day down the drain.

Many folks are drawn to the sleek, simplistic-looking design of newer tankless toilets.  These models directly tie into your plumbing instead of relying of water stored in a tank to flush and refill the bowl.  While these toilets do look streamlined and do take up less space than traditional tank models, many homes (especially older homes) do not have enough water pressure to make them viable.  Before considering one of these models, make sure you understand how much water pressure your plumbing produces.  Hiring a plumber to make the major modifications necessary to increase the water pressure can be a bigger and more expensive job than many homeowners are prepared to handle.

When it comes to the more traditional tanked models, there are gravity and pressure-assisted versions.  Gravity-driven models rely on gravity to send clean water out of the tank with enough force to push out waste water and refill the bowl.  Pressure-assisted models store the water in the tank under pressure.  This pressure allows the flush and refill to be done with less water.  Pressure-assisted models are usually not as quiet as the gravity models because of the extra pressure. If you live in an area where water conservation is a priority (or if that’s just your personal preference), pressure-assisted models are definitely the most water efficient. Find both these models and more on Home Worthy List.

Any of the versions described above are available in enough colors to match any decor, so you should be able to find the right color for your new bathroom whichever type you choose.  Most seats are either round or elongated.  Elongated seats tend to be the most comfortable for the largest number of users, but this really is a matter of preference and size for most.  When it comes to the height of your toilet, you might want to consider a slightly higher-sitting model if anyone in the household is fairly tall or has back, knee, or hip issues.

If you’re looking for a jazzier john, there are models that feature built-in night lights that can be great when you don’t want to turn on the bright bathroom light in the middle of the night.  You can also find models with seats that lower automatically, which can mean fewer him-vs-her arguments.  Some feature slow-lowering seats that won’t slam down.  If you want to take personal hygiene up a notch (or at least to a different lateral level), there are toilets offering the functionality of a bidet, including warm-air drying.  Make sure you know what, if any, plumbing modifications might be needed to install this type of model.

For those looking to keep germs in the house to a minimum, there are hands-free toilets that rely on sensors to flush when needed (like those seen in public restrooms).  Others employ floor-level buttons that can be flushed by foot.  For ultimate hands-free use, look for a model that also uses a foot control for raising and lowering the seat.


With quality models starting at $100 or less, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Find toilets that have good flushing qualities on http://homeworthylist.com/best-flushing-most-powerful-toilet-reviews/. For camping aficionados, the best camping toilets will do the trick!